Here we go again!

This is the post excerpt.

Here’s  my  attempt  at  another  blog!  I’ve  lately  been  more  in  a  writing  mode  than  into  drawing.  I  don’t  have  writer’s  block  –  I  have  artist’s  block!  I  feel  frozen,  yet  am  really  wanting  to  make  some art!  I  found  my  ATC  supplies  so  I  will  try  to  do  some  of  those  and  post  them  if  they  turn  out  okay.  Wish  me luck!

Whaddaya Think…

…about the parade in SF  being too corporate, too mainstream, and too white?   And does any of that matter?  C’mon, gang, we just had a freaking massacre last week! Aren’t Pride events about everyone joining together with no-one being left out due their perceived differences??  That said, I’d bet that anyone there professing to be a Christian would be pelted with vegetables (or worse) and chased off.   What has happened to “tolerance” over the past years?  Nobody is tolerating anybody…except  most of the Christians.   Just sayin’.